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So this is the story: You were doing your thing: succeeding at work and climbing that ladder. A few
years later you decided to take a break. Maybe because you became a mother, or you accompanied
your partner overseas, or even to care for elderly relatives. Now you question who you are, what
you can do, and even your potential to do anything at all. You compare who you are to who you used to be; and you flounder. We share the same feeling. We've been there, and we are here to help.

1:1 Coaching

a personalized coaching program developed for women who are looking for a career with purpose.

Who can benefit from it?

- women who want to change careers

- women who want to return to work

- expat women who are adjusting to life in a new country

10:10 Group Coaching

an online coaching program of ten sessions, formed by up to ten women worldwide
who are seeking purpose in life and in their careers. Meetings happen weekly with assignments in
between, driven by a goal of mutual discovery in the group setting

Resume + LinkedIn 

We offer different packages for these services. These are the most important tools when you are looking for a job. And even if you aren't, keeping your LinkedIn updated will increase your chances of being found by companies and recruiters. 

Interview feedback

If you are unsure about your interview skills, schedule a one-hour phone/video
interview to get our candid, insightful and actionable feedback. The idea is to get you ready and
confident to go out there and perform at interview.